Criterion 2. On its opening plays:

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Law is a set installed and protected by state government norms and rules, regulating relations of people in society. It is this system of rules expresses individual and common interests of all citizens of the state. A citizen is a person who is associated with a certain state of political and legal communication. The legal status of a citizen of a particular state is much higher than individuals without citizenship and foreigners, as they have a large amount of rights and freedoms. The state is the institution of the political system whose main function is the organization and control of joint actions and relations of persons who live in the country and protection of their rights and freedoms. The citizen and the government linked stable political and legal connection. Citizenship is a stable political and legal connection between the state and people. It is expressed in the existence of reciprocal rights and duties. The right acts as a regulator of social relations, it protects the rights of citizens and the state.

In the book we see here, the concepts of right, the citizen, the state and citizenship. And attempt to blend them into the overall fabric of reasoning. But, we don’t see it explicitly linked to the requirement of K2 to do it in the context of selected ideas and thesis (!). And, they recall, was:

… protection rights very important to society.

… the right plays an important role in the life of any state, of society and of each person.

In this case, only the sentence from the essay:

The legal status of a citizen of a particular state is much higher than individuals without citizenship and foreigners, as they have a large amount of rights and freedoms.

can affect the rating, but here the word a lot here obviously superfluous. For example, according to the Constitution, article 62, paragraph 3:

Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship use in the Russian Federation the rights and bear duties equally with citizens of the Russian Federation, except for cases established by Federal law or international Treaty of the Russian Federation.

Yes, political rights they have, but what about

“the legal status is much higher.”

it’s too much. That is, in this case, expose for 2 criterion 1 score with the wording:

In the context of each selected idea/ thesis is given a separate, unrelated reasoning concepts and/or terms.

Criterion 3. Let’s not quibble strictly to the above inaccuracies. In fact, a gross mistake it is not, it’s 1 point.

Now let’s look at the argument, criterion 4.

As an example I can give right of any person to freedom and independence, which is the most important moral and social values.

As a historical example is the uprising in Novocherkassk in 1961, when the workers after raising standards and lowering wages went on strike, the purpose of which was to defend their rights, workers ‘ rights, and to establish favourable conditions of work. This example illustrates how a group of people fought for their rights and defended them, despite threats from the authorities.

Thus, specific examples, we can make sure that protecting their rights, each of us contributes to the successful existence of the legal system in the state. Without this system, no society could exist peacefully and orderly, and no state can develop.

Over a simple statement of rights of the Constitution without disclosing how it is being implemented in social reality, previously not counted, this is a common mistake. And requirements now even more so.

When evaluating counted only formulated

deployed correct facts /examples.

A historical example is also not correct, unfortunately. The Novocherkassk events occurred in 1962, not in 1961. No reduction of wages was the increase in prices for meat and meat products, oil.

Facts/examples that contain factual and conceptual

the errors that led to substantial distortion of fact

the statements and evidence of misunderstanding

used historical, literary, geographical

Thus, this mini-essay on the exam on social science 2018, according to the new requirements and criteria would have received:

  • Criterion 1. 1 point
  • Criterion 2. 1 point
  • Criterion 3. 1 point
  • Criterion 4. 0 points

Only 3 points out of 6 that, on the whole, is fairly decent result in this difficult task.

Thus, we discussed with You today the changes in the demo of the exam in 2018, requirements and estimation of the task 29 (a mini-essay, essay) and gave an example of such an assessment.

Good luck to You when preparing to write an essay on the exam. Recall that all threads send the exam 2018 dismantled us in the advanced course is for you, join the thousands of guys preparing for the exam with its help.

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Elena Gubanova

Dear Evgeny, thank you very much for your work. Great website and a group in the VC, excellent methodological advice.. the Only thing I would like to point out the small inaccuracywhich is contained in your comments on this page.

“A historical example is also not correct, unfortunately. The Novocherkassk events occurred in 1962, not in 1961. No reduction of wages was the increase in prices for meat and meat products, butter.”

The pay cut was one of the reasons for the performance. Work NEVZ cut prices about 30 percent. .This coincided with the all-Union higher prices for meat and dairy products, which led to the indignation of the workers.Sorry, but it is.

Sincerely, Elena Gubanova

Kotsar Eugene Post author

About the comments, you are wrong, unfortunately. Dropped not pay, and standards of production increased. That, of course, completely different economic category. And so it is!

Sir, best teacher .The topic was not disclosed. HUMAN rights — the highest value companies. Protection of the business of the state. I agree with the author protection of their rights the greatest value of society. The conceptual materials necessary for the disclosure problem: the legal state and civil society.

I guess you’re talking about CIVIL SOCIETY? ??? I have more questions for you. Who are you? In this essay,a theoretical rationale — a solid “verbiage” How can this be evaluated?

The greatest asset of society — human rights. And if the government is against it, then it is illegitimate and can not be recognized by people. HERE’S WHAT TO SAY.

Diehl, by the way, you did not reveal to us who You are, mysterious stranger. To have to me any claims.

Now the case.. in work, fairly confusing, but expresses the idea of the author is given at least four definitions and functions and you are sure that the topic was not disclosed. I suspect that the real practice test part 2 exam you have a very vague idea, read the guidelines FIPI, they are there on the website is easy to find. Or maybe tell me where?

The second part does not make sense, if the problem is not fully disclosed. Hello.

Hello! Very interested in the question: is there a limit to the number of words in the essay? I always write a lot, as most theoretical part… so sometimes even up to 500-600 words))) Try Kratie to write, but still… I’m Afraid that will take off the points

Hello ! I have a question on the criterion K4, do you think that there is 0 points. Yes, the actual error is( not 1961 and 1962, not lowering wages, and increasing production quotas , which led to lower income workers. but in fact all true( as workers began to live worse) . In my opinion , the criterion C4, it is necessary to put still 1 point, as the criteria States : “facts, examples, leading to a SIGNIFICANT DISTORTION of the essence statements ….. “. here , in my opinion, negligible distortion .