Why write an essay?

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Students and applicants in preparation for the exams there is often a question about how to write an essay. Piece of writing this kind of work looking for too often, and that is to say, to find it is easy. But why, in principle, to write it? This question also has the answer.

Essay writing develops creative thinking, skills of written presentation of ideas. Person learns to identify causal relationships and to structure information, to formulate what he wished to Express, to explain their point of view, illustrating it by various examples, to summarize the article.

Usually essay devote philosophical, intellectual, and moral-ethical issues. The latter is often used for assignments essays to students – they do not impose strict requirements, citing lack of erudition and informal design work.


Content. These include art and publitsisticheskie, historical and philosophical, spiritual and religious etc.

According to literary form. Among them may be letters or a diary, notes, or reviews, of lyrical miniatures.

Form. Such as: descriptive, narrative, reflective, analytical, compositional and critical.

The descriptions distinguish between subjective and objective. First reflect the personality of the author, the second focuses on the description of the object, phenomenon, process and so on.

Distinctive features

Essay can “identify” on the following grounds:

A small amount of. Usually up to seven pages of printed text, although in different educational institutions may have their own requirements on this occasion. In some universities essay – full-time job of 10 pages, others appreciate the summaries of all of his thoughts on two sheets.

Specifics. Essays are usually answers one specific question, which is often formulated in the subject of the task. Interpretation of the response is subjective and contains the author’s conclusions. Again, depending on the specifications of the works, you may want to consider the problem from all angles, even if half of these opinions in no case may not apply directly to the author.

Free-style composition. Essay differs associative narrative. The logical connection, the author thinks, follow your own thinking. Recall that in essay his inner world.

Paradoxes. Moreover, the phenomenon of paradoxes is the place to be not only in the text, but in the principles of the essay: because this literary genre, though presented in a loose narrative, is bound to have semantic integrity.

The consistency of the abstracts and the author’s claims. Even if the author of a controversial nature, he is obliged to explain why he could not choose one point of view, not to lose the thread of the narrative, breakingit, then starting anew. In the end, even the pages of the diary turned into an essay, are literary norms. After all, the final essay will read not only the author himself.