Writing a history essay


Even if the sample a history essay at the moment is not at hand, you can write an excellent essay, following these rules:

To start is looking for information on a given topic even if it is familiar, does not prevent to repeat the material.

Further, it is necessary to structure, identify causal relationships, some paint plan that will advance the argument.

It is important to consider arguments and counter-arguments.

About the style: better to ask the teacher what is recommended. In rare, but existing cases, you must write in scientific style.

Not to forget about the output (the importance of the outcome of the work described in the description of the structure of the essay).

Russian language

Essay on the Russian language somewhat like a school essay-argument, but such tests of knowledge, as the exam includes more rules of writing. This is its complexity.

Essay you must write the proposed examiners to the text, because it is necessary:

  • To identify the issues of this text.
  • Describe the aspects of this problem.
  • To argue his point about what he wanted to say.

To draw conclusions.

As can be seen, to the usual structure of the essay is added the qualification: the subject (in this case issues) revealed writing and formulated by him. In addition, when checking the essays in the Russian language focuses more on speech, grammatical and punctuation errors. Additional points in favor of the author in the eyes of the reviewer are added and the use of literary arguments well-known examples and so on. The sequence in this case also plays an important role. Sample essay on the Russian language should clearly follow all the above requirements.


In an essay on English language in post-Soviet countries, where it is not native, completely depart from the rules to the theme of the statement or quote. In translation into Russian they are often very simple, and the writing essays is aimed at testing the use of foreign language in presenting their thoughts.

Great attention should be paid to grammar, different times, complex designs, synonymize simple words.

An English essay: classification

“for” and “against” any phenomenon that represents the subject of the essay;

essay-a view which is very important to look at the topic from different angles;

proposal to solve some problem (often give something global).

Essay writing in English

And here this particular assignment: write an English essay. Example of how this can be done are presented below.

Use introductory words: moreover, indeed, generally, mostly, usually, recently, besides.

Insert a template phrase with which to begin the paragraph: to begin with, doubtless, one argument is support of.

Use the English cliche, stable phrases, idioms, phraseological units and sayings: long story short, one cannot deny that one does not simply, nail drives out nail.

Don’t forget about how in English, we can formulate a conclusion: in conclusion, I can say that although , so it’s up to everybody to decide whether … or not.


The above has been described in detail, how to write an essay. The sample is, formally, even though he was given only one, captures the essence of what is happening and what the reviewer wants to see in the given opus.

But after the essay was written, the problem occurs with its registration.

Usually, this specification clarifies the teacher. And the problem is specifically in how to make a essay title page.

The sample is presented below.

full name of higher educational institution,



surname, name, patronymic.

The bottom of the page, in the middle:

city, year of writing.

From which it follows that the issue in the essay title page (the sample shows this very well). Requirements close to similar specs of the abstract.

For example, if you rassmatrivat sample essay on history, we can see that in this case, the work is written based on sources used. So sometimes you need a bibliography. But even this does not bring much difficulty in the way is the essay. Sample of writing a bibliography the same as at the reports, papers and other similar works.

For example:

  1. Ratus L. G. “Philosophy in a New period of time”. — 1980, � 3. — S. 19-26.
  2. Miszewski M. O. “the Historical influence of psychology”. — P.: Thought, 1965. — 776 p.
  3. Cegar S. M.’s”fear and trembling”. — K.: Republic, 1983 — 183 C.
  4. Yarosh, D.”Personality in the concept of society”. — M.: Roslit, 1983. — 343 S. (All of the supplied sources are fictitious and represent only a sample of registration).


In the beginning of this article has been provided by a detailed classification of types of essays. Summing up, we can identify its simplified section, taking into account all mentioned here. So, conditionally highlight:

Essaywriting at the time the exam (have clear boundaries of scope, up to the number of words are written in exactly the specified time, measured in hours or even minutes, not have specifications in the form of the title page and bibliography, in turn, are divided povremeno, depending on the discipline).

Essay writing by students from different Universities (the amount is determined in pages, from two to seven, the terms isolated on the basis of frequency of sessions, workshops, lectures, are issued in accordance with the above information along with a title page and list of references).

The article includes: terminology, history, design essay, sample of work, structure and requirements. All this will help to successfully write and execute the work.