Algorithm of essay writing

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1. Introduction.

In this part of the work should briefly, clearly reveal the urgency of the problem and to outline the scope of the study ( osveschyat problem as a whole or some aspect of it)

Or rephrase in your own words a statement. (The meaning of the utterance that)

2. The main part

Written definitions of terms used in the work. ( better than them “wedge” in their arguments)

Also, you can start with I agree(a)/I disagree(a)

3. The work with the thesis should be built according to the scheme:

1. The writer’s position (I think…) or a rhetorical question ( not that you ever consider…?)

2. A statement of the reason (because…), given the facts, it is possible to link to the definition.

3. The argument (this can be confirmed by the following examples…)

4. Establishing relationships (in this regard…)

4. Conclusion – the final part

Contains summaries of thought, it may make recommendations on further application made by the student of the provisions if they are of the nature of the project.


Quick tips on writing your essay.

Essays on social science – is essay-argument on a given topic. Topic essay is one of the selected examinee quotes. Quotes belong to famous people and are in line with what science they are connected: philosophy, social psychology, Economics, sociology, political science. What to know when writing an essay?

1. First of all you should carefully read the user manual section C8.

2. The choice of the topic. When choosing a topic should proceed from the fact that the material which topics you are most familiar with, how you speak of the terminology of science, how persuasive you can be in argumentation of their claims.

3. The amount of work. To the volume of essays on social science no strict requirements. But it is common practice to completing tasks C1-C7 on one side of the form No. 2, and C8 on the other, with full use of its area. Therefore, when preparing for the exam should immediately be used to operate on a standard sheet of A4 format.

4. Start by writing a quote, name, quote, science, and the job number (C8.3 – the economy. “Money makes money” (T. fuller)). This will allow you during the work not to refer constantly to the form of tasks, and checks will be easier to analyze your work.

5. Interpretation of the quote. First of all you should explain how you see expressed in the quotation the idea. The same quote can be understood by different people in different ways, or at least interpreted with different nuances. This allows you and the reviewer have a clear idea in which way will be followed by further reasoning. Interpretation of quotes will take two to three sentences. Mention what was quoted, if known.

6. Further, should Express their attitude to the expressed and interpreted by your thoughts. You can with it to agree or disagree, or agree partially. From your evaluation will depend, to prove, disprove or partially prove and partially disprove you quoted. Of course, you should explain your chosen position. This part of the work also takes a few suggestions.

7. The bulk of the work – your reasoning using knowledge for the course. It is recommended to use 5-6 terms strictly on selected topics, in our example the economic. Terms and concepts should be used to the place, and not as horrible, mechanically, a couple of them can be deciphered, showing off your vocabulary. Recall again: the reasoning and terminology should match the theme.

8. Argument. The reasoning should be supported by arguments. As arguments can be applied true, logically correct reasoning, examples, links to authoritative opinion. Often in essays students used examples. Better if it will be the facts of scientific practice, journalism, literature. Less preferred household examples. It is best to bring 2-3 examples from the field of science, related to news or fiction, one of the domestic practices. If your examples of arguments are described in detail, it is enough for two. The argument can seamlessly weave into the text of your reasoning on the subject, and can become an independent piece of work, occupying a separate paragraph.

9. The work ends with a summing up, a conclusion in which the author confirms his understanding of expressed thoughts. After this work is finished.

Recall that all of the task fields With the exam are tested by expert people

Criterion 1 (C1) – the meaning of the utterance is revealed. That is, the expert sees Your understanding expressed by the author’s thoughts.

Criterion 2 (C2) – the Chosen theme is revealed, drawing on relevant concepts, theoretical propositions and conclusions. That is, in your essay you are using is not their own abstract representation, and thought conceptual apparatus, cite the terms.

Criteria 3 (K3) to the Quality of argumentation of his point of view. That is, You have (!) the point raised by the author the problem (you see the problem), and substantiated it with examples from your life, social facts, information Media, knowledge of other items (here, above all, help literature, history).

What problems arise when writing an essay on the exam?

A lot of them:

1. The lack of time. 9 jobs part themselves require time and deliberation. And to write an essay, and then rewrite to clean copy – this is a serious work. Not all graduates cope with the proposed regulations exam for social studies is 3.5 hours. How to cope with this problem? You need to have multiple templates of essay writing and many examples that are applicable in many subjects.

2. Ignorance of the theory, household considerations. It is necessary to form a capacious conceptual framework. It will help our DICTIONARY.

3. The lack of examples of social life, social practice. Here you can recommend regularly, 1 time a day to view news on television, on the Internet.

4. The inability to build a plan for essay. To do this, we will offer You a number of templates that apply when preparing to write an essay. The structure of an essay can vary, the job is not regulated by the number of words examples. Also, studying the finished essay, You can find a suitable plan his writing.

5. Writing essays that are not related to a given topic. It can happen if You memorized ready essay, and want to write it on the exam (?). There are such cases. Of course, the base jobs use can provide You a chance and You may come across a already written topic. But count on it not worth it. Another thing is that the more essay in preparing You write, the more plans and ready-made examples You will have to be applied on the real exam.

6. Therefore, write an essay yourself! Write 2-3 essays a week, show them to the teacher, the tutor. Learn from your mistakes.

7. We are ready to help You prepare an essay for social studies. We are not only ready to discuss YOUR essays, but will show You some approaches to essay writing, plans and templates at http:

Now we give an example of writing the finished essay for You, build a plan first!